Website Design – You have a website, great. Now that is not enough, it needs to be customer friendly as well as a sleek design. Would you rather visit a website that is extremely hard to navigate and looks bad or one that is all laid out for you with a clean design. Obviously you would want the latter, which is why we offer this service. Having a great website design is crucial for your business as it is one of the first impressions a potential customer will get of your business.

Search Engine Optimization – We offer Search Engine Optimization as one of our services. SEO is the process in which we get your business’ website rank in search engines to increase. For example, if your site is ranked on the fourth page, you obviously aren’t getting much exposure from search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, to name a few. This is a waste of having a website since no one will be able to find you, if you are within the top two pages people are much more likely to find you and use YOUR services. We only use white hat methods, unlike a lot of companies, as to keep your business on the good side of Google and Yahoo.  This is one of the most important services you will ever get for your business! 

Mobile Marketing – The world is going mobile. People use their phones to do everything and anything, searching for businesses is just one of those things. Look at the Mobile Marketing tab to see more. 

Marketing Consulting – This all depends on your needs and what you currently are doing for marketing, contact us for more information. 

Social Media Maintenance – You have a basic Facebook fan page , that isn’t enough though. You need someone to maintain it, interacting with your customers as well as running promotions. We will NEVER do anything without your consent, everything will be approved by you if you want it to. Social Media is not for everyone though, if I feel that it is not right for your company. I will tell you, however I cannot control what you do, if you would still like to do it then you can.

Please contact us for exact pricing as well as other services as we can provide your business with a lot more than what is just listed here.