Currently, the world market is flooded with tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices which have very skillfully replaced the laptop and desktop. If you want to chat or do your immediate work in a hurry, then you can solve this matter easily with your tablet or mobile phone. Laptops and desktops require major cable connections and sufficient space and they also take time to start. In this fast world, time is money and most people save their time by logging on to their tablets and smartphones rather than computers.

According to vital research statistics, mobile usage is increasing to an all-time high and responsive design is the solution for businesses:

  • Mobile users of all age groups spend at least sixteen hours per week searching data on the mobile internet, and finding the best e-commerce portals to buy products.
  • More than 55% of the users log on to business websites through their mobile device and more than 64% professional businessmen do their marketing through e-mails and mobile messages.
  • The usage of mobile apps including fitness apps, security apps and television channel and music apps has risen to an alarming extent, about eight to ten hours per week.

This is just a glimpse on the user’s statistical values of mobile phones and business websites. On a larger scale, most of the mobile phone users browse several business sites and compare products and price on their mobiles. So, it is very important to customize and design the business websites with mobile responsive facilities. If your site does not have a mobile version yet, you risk losing business to your competitors who are well prepared.

Globalization and location-based market:

The location of your business is no longer as important as your social reach. Social platforms like Facebook and Twitter have come to the forefront, businesses cannot run without these tools. Your customers can easily reach you through these social platforms and you can connect to them through your social networking pages. Most people access these social media platforms using their mobile devices due to the ease of access. Your business needs a proper mobile ready website that can be formatted automatically for a tablet and smartphone for potential customers to view. Everything is about how easily and quickly they can access your website through social media before they move on to a competitor. Your customers can visit your social media pages and tags and post their comments instantly via mobile devices and you will get an instant survey within a few hours. According to their feedback you can change or customize your products and services.

  • Only a few customers search their business needs within five to six miles.
  • Less than 10% customers search their requirements within one mile from their home.
  • Almost all sites have designs with easy store locator or Google Maps and more than 75% people use this feature on their mobile device to find out the nearest store.
  • Most of the people search and give priority to their geographical location. Google’s Maps service allows for you to easily integrate that service into your website for the easiest and fastest route to your business. Customers can easily search and locate their stores and services using Google Maps.

High trafficking through mobile portability:

Mobile searching can provide you with plenty of online traffic and subsequently real customers. According to recent surveys, more than 94% mobile users search for various products and services and they research them through search engines like Google, Yahoo and Yelp. The most important thing is to get more traffic, and for that traffic to stay on your website. In order to keep customers and potential customers on your website, a responsive web design will provide simple and easy access to your content.

If your business does not have a mobile ready website then you might lose hundreds of customers a year. Mobile websites have to be catchy, well-designed and informative because people naturally have a short attention span do not stay long on one particular page. With the right web designer, a mobile website is a breeze due to responsive designs. There is no reason to be paying for a mobile website when your web designer can develop a responsive website that caters to tablet and smartphone users.

But the adverse effects can be many, and they should never be neglected:

  • You should not design a mobile website in such a way that it gets stagnant after a while and can’t be updated without a web designer.
  • Not all screen sizes come equal, so you have to maintain separate layouts for smartphones and tablets.

We create responsive websites for businesses that can easily be updated by the owner and serve the exact purpose they are meant to. Mobile device users will have no problem accessing your website and subsequently becoming a customer if you work with us. In short, it is mandatory to remain up to date to get the best traffic as possible and keep them as engaged as possible. So what are you waiting for? Success is just one click away, contact us today!